Toy Offering, Day 1 / Christmas Epiphanies

What a horrible start this one is turning out to be! I unintentionally marked the hours with episodes of Hercule Poirot, and each time a mystery was solved, I threw a little fit at how little I’d accomplished.


I am sure these images of children who might or might not be on the verge of a physical conflict have been stirring my worries about the upcoming holiday season. I’ve been dreading Christmas break just like I dreaded summer break 6 months ago. All those hours and days to fill. But today I found myself whistling Sleigh Ride in the kitchen, and having a revelation:

It is the endless, rancorous, boring, cranky, dark, stuck-inside days of the Christmas season that force us to fill the hours with creative tasks we can do together, and which became the inventor of things like gingerbread houses, caroling around the fire, and clothespin reindeer. We’ve got it all backwards, thinking we’ve got to cram all these family-bonding activities into a few days off. Actually, it is the blank hours of boredom that are the progenitors of bonding moments, and populate our memories with cozy family activities.

Which means that instead of trying to plan ahead to use our time wisely, I can totally procrastinate, and know that when the kids are whining about being bored, and getting into fights over the same toy, and I’m scrambling to come up with something to do with them, we’re actually making the best memories of their lives! Hooray for procrastination!




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