Toy Offering, Day 2


I don’t know what it is about these two figures, but I had some trouble “finding” them on the canvas, and so spent most of my time editing limbs, and trying to get the boy to stand up on his feet; he wanted to reach waaaaay out and beseech the older girl with the toy, but I only wanted him to offer it, and we fought a bit over that issue. The older girl wants to be more mature than she is, so tomorrow I’m going to have to enlarge her head a bit to remind her that she’s a baby still, too, in many ways.

I spent some time scrolling through images of toys to find something he could be offering her that is less desirable than the jack-in-the-box. It’s difficult because it has to be less desirable in both of their eyes, as well as in the viewers’ eyes. But I was playing with the idea of its being iconic in the way the jack-in-the-box is. In the end I made up this toy, and I’m not sure, but it might be working. I probably need to tweak the blue plastic though.

I’m also considering changing the title from Toy Offering to The Other One or something like Sacrifice – though not that exactly. Something that brings in elements of how the girl is playing the authority figure, and demanding something from the boy, and he’s willing to give this unwanted item, but not the desirable one; conciliatory, and even generous considering his age, but not sacrificial. However, putting that in the title is less interesting than putting it in the picture.


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