Toy Offering, Day 3

I usually choose to photograph all my subjects in ideal lighting conditions, but this one just happened to take place in a dimly lit room, and I kind of like the idea of this power exchange taking place in a poorly lit space, because it reinforces the idea that this activity is not sanctioned by an adult.


That being said, it’s a pain in the buttock to have all these diluted tones, and grey flesh. I pushed the orange in the shirt more than was necessary or realistic, just to please my eyes.

I’m thinking it would be either perfect or terrible to have the girl’s right hand on her hip, the way kids imitate their mothers. Especially with that knee cocked to the side the way it is. It might be terrible because right now it’s not exactly clear what she’s saying to him; we mostly decide what’s going on by our interpretation of his gesture. And yet, babies seldom understand what they’re told, so his gesture is unlikely to be an accurate reflection of her command. Which is sweet as well, because babies only do three things: Clutch something, offer something, and beg for something.

Perhaps Offering is the better title. Both the noun and the verb.


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